Feature film, 5 Doctors

Here is the trailer for '5 Doctors,' which I co-directed with Matt Porter. Also co-wrote and starred in it as the nutty hypochondriac you see above. Film premiered at Austin Film Festival and was acquired by Gravitas Ventures and released on Digital and VOD in 2018. Also co-stars Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Jeremy Shamos (Birdman) and Eddie Pepitone (Conan). It's funny and you might enjoy it, who am I to say!


branded content, ibm bLOCKCHAIN

Here is a piece of funny branded content I enjoyed directing for IBM Blockchain. It's about cryptocurrency and also, somehow, about lost love.



Branded talk show I directed for IBM Originals involving a motorized desk that drives around Central Park. Here is episode 1


Short film, the homage

A short film I made that you can choose to watch or choose not to watch, I'll never know!