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Max Azulay

Writer. Director. Actor. Guy Trying To Figure Out How To Use Squarespace.

Max Azulay is a writer/director based in New York City. He co-wrote, co-directed and starred in the feature film, '5 Doctors,' which also stars Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Jeremy Shamos (Birdman), Eddie Pepitone (Conan) and many others. '5 Doctors' was acquired by Gravitas Ventures and released on VOD and On Demand in 2018. In addition. his work has been featured at the LA Comedy Festival, on The Onion, Channel 101, Splitsider.com, Funny or Die, The Huffington Post, The Nerdist, and at the Upright Citizens Brigade. In addition, he has written and directed content for Go90, Mashable and IBM. He has several allergies which he would comfortable telling you about in person.

*black eye photo by Sasha Aleksandra Arutyunova